When to keep your child home

Your child seems to be coming down with something - do you keep them at home or send them to school? Good question!
Try as we may to keep other children in school from catching what your child has or vice versa, it isn't always an easy decision to make. So, how do you know when to keep your child at home? Here are some general guidelines to help you make the decision easier.

If your child is beginning to feel ill and has a fever they should be kept at home. Children who have had a fever of 100 or higher must be kept out of school for 24 hours after the fever has gone without the aid of medication.

If your child has been vomiting or has had diarrhea they must be kept out of school for 24 hours after the last bout of the illness.

Children diagnosed with these issues cannot return to school until they have been on medication for 24 hours. Children with conjunctivitis and impetigo need to have a note from their doctor in order to return to school

Is it just a Cold or is it the Flu?
Check Your Flu F.A.C.T.S.
F = Fever
A = Aches
C = Chills
T = Tiredness
S = Sudden onset

Usually means the flu. If you have a cold, you will usually not have a fever, just a stuffy head, runny nose and a cough.